Windsor Police Takeover On Schedule

am800 reported the deadline for the Windsor Police Service to takeover policing in Amherstburg is quickly approaching and Chief Al Frederick says everything is on schedule.

I’m not sure why implementing a schedule as planned is newsworthy.

According to the article, ‘Over the course of the contract the town will save $14-million and an additional $2-million to $3-million in pensions and benefits.’

I’m also not sure why the projected savings are repeated when, in my opinion, they are minimal and an OPP switch might have reduced the policing costs significantly.

Unfortunately, council did not follow up on its motions to obtain an OPP costing so we’ll never know. But we do know how much other municipalities pay for policing.

1 thought on “Windsor Police Takeover On Schedule

  1. The RFP process was tendered to all policing services, LaSalle OPP and others all declined to tender a bid. Furthermore, Amherstburg is not capable of funding itself without development which is where our council should be focusing. Allowing the WPS to manage our policing will reduce costs and help us getter better equipment more quickly so our whole community has better safety.

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