OH YEAH! OH YEAH! We Have A Say!

When council and the Joint Police Advisory Committee met in camera, they excluded the public from providing input on the Policing RFP.

The RFP procedure restricted competition.

Was council’s vote for a Windsor Police takeover the most cost effective option? Probably not, since there were no cost comparisons which was the goal.

But now, big news, we can vote on a decal for the cruisers in town! Read the am800 report.

Since heritage is always a pressing consideration, one design depicts the historical soldiers of 1812, which, according to one bystander, looks like a stream of vomit.

1 thought on “OH YEAH! OH YEAH! We Have A Say!

  1. The 1812 soldiers is the same design we currently have on the police cars. It is, in fact, the award winning design we’ve had for years.

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