Irresponsible Politicians

The Windsor Star quoted Drew Dilkens in its police contract signing article:

“If you were an elected official, why wouldn’t you want to consider — at least consider — the opportunity to provide the exact same service and save, in this case, $570,000 a year?” Dilkens asked. “I think it would be irresponsible for politicians. It would be irresponsible for me as the mayor of the City of Windsor, if someone presented something to me that would be delivery of the same service and saving me half a million dollars a year. For me, it would be irresponsible not to at least consider it.”

By that logic, wasn’t it irresponsible for Amherstburg’s politicians to not follow through on its motions to obtain an OPP costing and compare ALL the options? To not at least consider the most cost saving option?

1 thought on “Irresponsible Politicians

  1. Have to agree with your comment… it was a rush to a decision, with limited analysis and zero transparency.
    A couple of interesting links on OPP costing
    1. Excel spreadsheet available for download of OPP costs by Ontario municipalities 2015-2018 –
    2. Deer River 2017 Q&As on OPP costing –
    I could not locate find the latest OPP contract pay scales, but from what I can identify the primary driver for lower OPP costs is lower salaries – variance versus local salaries may still be as high as 12%. I presume that is why clause 34.01 in the Amherstburg collective agreement provides additional severance in event of transition to the OPP.
    We’ve lived in numerous jurisdictions and never had an issue with the servicing provided by OPP – quick to respond, and always courteous and professional. OPP also have significant in-house expertise and resources.

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