Decorum, Please!

The Town of Amherstburg Code of Conduct states, in part:

Every Member shall conduct themselves with decorum and respect at council, committee, local board and other meetings, and in accordance with the provisions of the Procedural By-law, this policy, and other applicable laws.

My personal observations of a meeting of council and the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee follow.


do not always go through the Chair.

talk over each other.


belabour the point.

go off-topic.

share irrelevant personal anecdotes.

use acronyms.

do not appear prepared.


monopolize the discussion.

interject their opinions to lead the discussion.

belabour the point


The committee’s agenda was posted the day before the meeting.

There was no link to the live feed of the committee meeting.

Off camera speakers do not identify themselves for home viewers.

Minutes do not accurately reflect content of meetings. (read the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee post.)