Year – old Report Recently Surfaced

Anne Jarvis, the Windsor Star, reports, in Deferred development charges for a town employee, a missing report and now a possible audit, Two agreements described as “distasteful” between the Town of Amherstburg and a company owned by the town’s former chief administrative officer, John Miceli, and his wife to defer $84,000 in development charges have angered some councillors and the public.

The agreements were discussed at the Nov. 8 council meeting, along with a $14,500 consultant’s report, on a key, much-debated town property that only recently surfaced more than a year after it was completed and paid for.

1 thought on “Year – old Report Recently Surfaced

  1. The two topics are unrelated, and I doubt they have anything to do with the former CAO’s departure, thus the in-camera sessions are likely inappropriate and in my view serve only to protect what I presume are the Mayor’s shortcomings.
    The first topic regarding deferral development charges is a simple matter regarding reporting mechanisms for conflicts of interest for Town employees – in this case, the CAO. As the CAO reports to the Mayor, the proper reporting recipient for a conflict of interest report authored by the CAO is the Mayor and it would appear that either that did not happen, or the Mayor is not being forthright regarding his knowledge of the matter.
    The second topic regarding a $15,000 consulting fee approved by the CAO for a shelved report demonstrates an absence of prudent financial controls and reporting between the CAO’s office and Mayor and Council. While the parties point to transitional period around the election and the mayor’s absence due to illness, reporting mechanisms contain contingencies for such scenarios. The absence of any record for notification by the CAO or Administration to the Mayor’s office or Council for the consulting contract is concerning, and demonstrates the Town either does not have the necessary financial controls and reporting protocols in place or those protocols were not followed.
    Ultimately, responsibility for both items rests with the Mayor’s office and versus sheltering behind in-camera sessions, the Mayor should either lead or leave.

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