Do You Know What A Ward System Is?

Duh. One of the questions asked in the town’s ad regarding the mandatory public meeting. Fingers crossed the information will be accurate. A bit confusing that you can ask a question in-person but cannot attend in-person due to ongoing public health restrictions. But we can vote in person.

from the town’s website:

Monday, January 31, 2022 at 6pm


QUESTIONS to Questions will be read out loud anonymously during the public meeting and can be sent prior to the meeting and during the meeting. If you would like to ask your question in-person, complete the Public Meeting Registration. Deadline for this in-person registration is January 31st at noon.

Unable to attend the Virtual LIVE Public Meeting? The meeting will be recorded and made available for the public afterwards.

For accessibility accommodation for this public meeting, please contact the Clerk at or 519-736-0012 ext 2238.

Members of the public will not be permitted to attend in person due to ongoing public health restrictions.