No Response From Mayor DiCarlo Re In-person Voting Comments

January 3, 2022 to Mayor Aldo DiCarlo: you stated residents have made it clear they prefer to cast their ballot in-person. how were you informed of this? when were public consultations held? you also said mail-in and internet voting are not as secure as people coming in and submitting a ballot right there. can you cite the authority you relied on to make this statement?

January 5, 2022 from Mayor Aldo DiCarloYou didn’t mention where my comments were made.  I would need to know what you are referencing, in regards to my comments, so that I can provide the appropriate context.

January 5, 2022 to Mayor Aldo DiCarlo Your comments were made during an interview with am800 regarding town council’s decision to conduct in-person voting for the 2022 municipal election.

EDIT: January 29 – Mayor DiCarlo emailed, “I did indeed respond to you regarding comments in the media, requesting information for the article you were referencing.  Since you did not provide that information, I could not respond further.”

Response to Mayor, “you are incorrect that i did not provide you with the information referenced. you may not have received it, but i have a copy of it in my sent and inbox folders. i’m resending it below for you to answer.”