Councillor Prue Answers Questions

January 28, 2022 to members of council:

  1. i haven’t received a response from the interim CAO, so i’m writing to inquire what the decision making process was to extend the river lights display through January 2022. i can’t locate any minutes of meeting where this decision was made.
  2. vote 2022 – were you aware that the date to pass a by-law regarding the voting method was May 1, 2022, not May 1, 2021 as mentioned in the Report to council by the interim clerk?
  3. Mayor DiCarlo hasn’t responded to my question regarding the basis for media comments, so i’m writing to inquire why you voted in favour of in-person voting when it’s the costliest, most labour intensive and least safe method during a pandemic? Despite being shielded at council chambers, you hold virtual meetings and the town still is in a state of emergency due to the pandemic, is it not? will you ensure all polling stations and the voting process are accessible to persons with disabilities?

Councillor Prue’s answers:

  1. The decision was made by the Mayor . 2.No . 3.Due to the time constraints as we understood them it was the best option . I asked that on-line voting be considered for all future votes , and yes, all stations and processes will be fully accessible .