Lack of Link = Lack of Transparency?

Residents notified me of the lack of links to view meetings and I verified the town’s calendar page for the February 28 regular council meeting did not contain a video link.

It’s worth repeating, as mentioned in the post, No Link To Committee Meetings Workaround, how is transparency possible if people are unaware of a workaround to the lack of the town’s posting the links.

The Town’s Amherstburg’s Transparency and Accountability Policy contains definitions: 4.8.  Transparency means how outside parties, such as the public, are able to observe how the decisions of Council, Staff, Committees and Local Boards are made. The Town of Amherstburg actively encourages and fosters stakeholder engagement in its decision making process.

LASALLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL – town residents can view council and some committee meetings, just like some other municipalities in the province.