Lack of Reports = Lack of Transparency?

First there were committee minutes, with blank sections, then in-camera meetings with limited descriptions, then there were missing meeting video links and now there are ‘Reports’ on agendas that aren’t written, according to the new town clerk, Valerie Critchley.

Critchley’s response to my request for copies of the reports presented to the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee at the February 24, 2022 meeting:

“The reports were actually verbal in nature which is why there is nothing posted.

Please let me know if you would like me to send you the audio file so that you can listen to the meeting and I will be happy to send it to you.”

Follow up question: what accommodations are in place for people who are deaf, deafened and hard of hearing and unable to listen to audio files?

Critchley’s response: “We could certainly transcribe the material if requested and, if necessary, provide it in large print.”

The Town’s Amherstburg’s Transparency and Accountability Policy contains definitions: 4.8.  Transparency means how outside parties, such as the public, are able to observe how the decisions of Council, Staff, Committees and Local Boards are made. The Town of Amherstburg actively encourages and fosters stakeholder engagement in its decision making process.

When candidates start spewing out promises of accountability and transparency, ask them, specifically, how they will deliver on those promises.

Vote October 24, 2022

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