A Look Back – Candidate Aldo DiCarlo on Parks, Sidewalks and Walkable Neighbourhoods

From a reader in 2014:

Question 9. What will you do if elected to ensure that all communities in Amherstburg such as Kingsbridge, Pointe West, Golfview, McGregor and Malden have parks, sidewalks and walkable neighbourhood commercial and institutional destinations

2014 then-candidate Aldo DiCarlo

I believe, as I’m sure most do, that safety is something that has to be addressed, even it has a cost. Similar to the answer to question 8, some debts have to be owned. Sidewalks, for example, aren’t just cosmetically pleasing, they’re necessary for safety. Not every neighbourhood needs a park, although we may want them to, but every neighbourhood needs a safe way for people to walk, run and bike. There are less expensive ways to achieve safety while acquiring funds to do it the way we would prefer. The walk/bike lane on Simcoe/Pike, for example, was a cost effective way to provide a path to the Libro Centre at a reduced cost to concrete sidewalks. I believe this is the bridging answer for Texas Road. The Texas Road discussion started because the need for a sidewalk became a safety issue once Kingsbridge joined Texas Road. Many residents now walk either the short path thru Kingsbridge or all the way around using Concession 2. That entire walkway can be done with a paved lane and a rumble strip on one side of the street. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the grandiose dream of curbs, concrete sidewalks, decorative light posts, etc. came from. Having a lot of family and friends in that area, they’ve expressed their distaste with the plans as it would add a ‘bump’ in to their driveway, where now it is a smooth transition. Regardless, for those that ‘need’ a sidewalk now, it can be done inexpensively while repaving the road, which could hardly be disagreed is overdue. This is just one example of finding ways to give communities what they want, and pay for, without huge debt. Consultation with all the affected residents is obviously where to start. It doesn’t matter so much what council thinks, it’s what the citizens need.

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