A Look Back – Candidate Aldo DiCarlo on Regional Transit

From a reader in 2014:

Question 10. What will you do to help establish regional transit within walking distance of all Amherstburg communities so that residents do not have to rely on car travel to commute to work or get to appointments in Windsor?

2014 then-candidate Aldo DiCarlo

I will continue to work with the other municipalities to try and achieve this goal. This is a large project that cannot be achieved without the support, both financial and otherwise, from the rest of Essex County. The cost of doing this without government subsidies is unlikely due to population gaps throughout the County. Nonetheless, I would work towards a common goal that could help the entire region. Amherstburg does, however, have various alternative transportation methods for individuals without means like the Amherstburg Care A Van. While we work to find a way to establish regional transit, we can look at expanding what we already do well. Even if there were a nominal ‘ride’ fee for people who required transportation (ie; post secondary school students et al.) we may be able to achieve a temporary solution. The town could also look into busing for major events in other parts of Essex County, much like we do for the SOE Wine Festival. Public consultation is key.

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