A Look Back – Candidate Aldo DiCarlo on CAO Selection

From a reader in 2014:

Question 12. Do you approve of this Council/Admin selecting a new CAO on your behalf. Would you prefer to select your own CAO?

2014 then-candidate Aldo DiCarlo

As much as I’d like to select my own CAO, or more properly the new council select the new CAO, it doesn’t seem like a viable option for the best interests of the Town. Having been on the VP Administration & Finance hiring committee for the University, I learned quickly the complexities of hiring at such a high level. It is not a short process by any means. My best assumption would be at least a 6 month process to hire the right individual. It might be done in a shorter time, depending on the candidates available, but I believe in planning conservatively. With Mr. Phipps making his intentions to leave by December clear, there wasn’t much of a choice in hiring now. The Town could have looked at hiring yet another interim CAO, but I can’t honestly see how that would have been better. It is my understanding that the new CAO, Mr. Miceli, has a contract that would have to be paid out if he was dismissed. Not working with the new CAO would be detrimental to the staff and costly. I spoke with employees of the City of Windsor to inquire about Mr. Miceli’s abilities. It seemed to be the consensus that Mr. Miceli is capable of working in a collaborative manner, something Town Hall desperately needs. I confirmed that he was directing large projects, in the millions of dollars, and he did so effectively. If I were elected mayor, I would work with Mr. Miceli to get the Town back on track. I don’t believe doing otherwise will benefit the town. We should hold him accountable to do the job he was hired to do before paying him to go away.

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