A Look Back – Candidate Aldo DiCarlo on Handling Citizens’ Concerns

From a reader in 2014:

Question 27. Some elected officials have heavily relied on staff to resolve ratepayers’ complaints; once an issue has been passed off to staff, there has been no follow up and no accountability. If elected, how will you handle concerns from your fellow citizens?

2014 then-candidate Aldo DiCarlo

It has been my practice, in all my leadership roles, to follow up with people that their issue was addressed satisfactorily and/or in a timely manner. I also like the practice laid out by Diane Pouget and the detailed plan by Lora Petro. Setting out policies and plans that must be followed by staff seems like the best answer. The policies and plans should be a joint effort by council and administration, with the publics’ input. Being able to review and reference the complaints at any time is useful for council, administration and the public. This practice should eliminate the ratepayers’ frustration and unnecessary duplication of investigation work.

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