A Look Back – Candidate Aldo DiCarlo on No Public Funds To Create Barriers To Accessibility

From a reader in 2014:

Question 29. Will you commit to a municipal policy that no public funds will ever be used to create or perpetuate barriers against persons with disabilities? Will you commit to specific plans to ensure fully accessible public transit and taxi services in your community? How, specifically, will you make Amherstburg more inclusive?

2014 then-candidate Aldo DiCarlo

I don’t believe we need a policy regarding the use of public funds that might create or perpetuate barriers for persons with disabilities. The Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 seems to legislate the requirements for inclusive planning appropriately. As much as I would like to see more public transit, it is an issue that has to be addressed with the other municipalities. I don’t believe that any municipality in Essex County can afford public transportation on their own. This is an issue we need to keep investigating as a County initiative. Taxis are private enterprise and it would be difficult to regulate their accessibility outside of the laws of the province. Amherstburg does currently have the Care-A-Van service, which I believe addresses the public transportation for persons with disabilities. I would work with the Province, County and the Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committee to ensure the Town of Amherstburg addresses and meets the needs of persons with disabilities.

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