$166,000. Amherstburg Dog Park

Sent to members of council prior to yesterday’s council meeting.
I am shocked, and disheartened, to see the $160,000. Dog park recommendation on tonight’s council meeting agenda.
How could anyone justify such an expenditure that hardly improves the well-being and interests of the municipality or maintains the financial integrity of the municipality?
Council could ill afford a rainbow crosswalk; wasn’t it only approved because of sponsorship?
For how long has accessibility to the Gordon House and town hall been delayed? How many narrow sidewalks need to be replaced with new ones that meet code requirements? Both the building code and the AODA?
For how long will residents have to wait for new, accessible playground equipment to be installed?
It’s now been over two years since former CAO Miceli advised me that the town was working on a Routine Disclosure Policy, which is within council’s mandate. The item, although discussed at council meetings, is not even included in the unfinished business list.
Given all the accessible items money has not been allocated for, I have to object to spending taxpayer dollars on something that, in my opinion, is frivolous. People can walk their dogs anywhere but people with disabilities being denied access remain marginalized. When will you prioritize full inclusion?
Lastly, by what authority will you address the Miracle League at a council meeting? You should know that segregated activities are not viewed as inclusion by everyone.