Mayor DiCarlo Responds for Councillor Simone

Spoiler alert: Mayor DiCarlo didn’t answer the questions put to Councillor Simone 10 weeks ago.

Mayor DiCarlo emailed:

“Thank you for your email. I am assisting Councillor Simone with her notice of motion, and have been asked to provide responses to any inquires that come forward.

I can advise that consultations continue to take place with various indigenous peoples.  Once we have had the appropriate consultations with them, including their concerns and expectations to move forward, a revised notice of motion may be brought forward to council.

I am not sure what you mean by “as has been done for any taxpayer concern”.  I can confirm from experience that not every taxpayer concern is moved forward by a council member in a public meeting.  Many are addressed, as appropriate, outside of a council meeting.  Since all members of council have received this correspondence, they can certainly bring your requests forward under unfinished or new business.

As your requests would affect the indigenous peoples of our community, and/or our region, I think it would be more appropriate to raise your suggestions with indigenous peoples, before adopting them as a municipality.  If you have had discussions with local indigenous peoples regarding your requests, I would appreciate that information so that I can follow up, and ensure the town can move forward with their guidance.”


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