Request Held In Abeyance, Advises Clerk

Valerie Critchley, town clerk, has advised, “as Councillor Simone has not yet brought back her motion, your correspondence has been held in abeyance.”

In a May 12 email to Councillor Simone, I stated, “Since your notice of motion was ‘pulled’ from the agenda, without a motion detailing when it would return, my submission was put on hold, which delayed consideration of any actions to address truth and reconciliation. my requests should not be dependent on your decision to follow up/not follow up on your notice of motion.

i hereby request that my original submission be placed back on council’s agenda for consideration. if administration decides not to do so, then i request that you or any other member of council introduce my submission at the next council meeting just as has been done for any taxpayer concern.”

How long will Councillor Simone take to decide to take action/not take action?