Candidate Question Open Air Barriers – Gerry Theriault

Will you remove barriers during Open Air weekends that block people with disabilities from driving to the bank, local stores, bars, and generally driving through town?

The third candidate to respond:

Linda as per your question

In my opinion the open air weekends should not run as they are Every Friday starting at 3pm till Sunday 9pm the streets of Downtown this is not fair to anyone who may have limitations or disabilities to get downtown for banking, of simply to enjoy some of this service businesses that are down in the blocked off areas.

Having spoke to some of the service industry businesses in the area they feel the same way, and feel that their concerns have fallen of deaf ears.  I do believe that a compromise can be reached and perhaps do it simply Saturday maybe starting at 3, and even perhaps Canada day weekend and labour day weekend can be an exception and make it a weekend event.  I hope this answers your question, and if you would like to speak to me further to this or any other issue  please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you

Gerry Theriault