Amherstburg Chooses In Person Voting 2022


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, other municipalities have opted for contact free methods like telephone, internet or mail-in voting, but mayor Aldo DiCarlo says residents have made it clear they prefer to cast their ballot in-person.

“The obvious considerations are mail-in and internet voting as well, but it’s not as secure as people coming in and submitting a ballot right there,” he continued. “For municipalities who have used the internet, there’s been delays in vote counting and questions about the validity of the votes cast.”

No Response From Rozankovic, Mayoral Candidate

Robert, Bob, Rozankovic announced his intention to be a mayoral candidate and stated in the River Town Times, “Personally ensuring that council lives up to these words is predicated on completely understanding what must, by law, be discussed in-camera, and always insisting that as much as possible be debated in public. We must be respectful of our taxpayers.”

The following questions were asked and have not been responded to.

Do you consider the following exclusions of the public accountable and respectful of taxpayers?

1)    You were a member of the Joint Police Advisory Committee (JPAC) when it excluded the public to discuss the policing RFP on the four occasions, once as the mover to go in camera, when the Ombudsman concluded: Failing to comply with these terms of reference was wrong under s. 21(1)(d) of the Ombudsman Act.

2)    According to the hired consultant, MPM Consulting, “The Committee has determined that the first phase of the project must begin with the community consultations identified in section 6.4 of the mandate.” However, the public was not consulted until after the recommendation that Windsor Police was a viable option.

Do you consider the following fiscally responsible?

1)    Council passed two motions to obtain an OPP Costing. At its inaugural meeting, JPAC “determined that the OPP costing process is not feasible.”

2)    You were Chair of the Amherstburg Police Service Board and a Deputy Mayoral candidate when the police service was disbanded and when the board donated remaining funds of $8000.00 to four local charities.