Candidate Linden Crain – Open Air

While candidates are under no obligation to answer questions from me, or anyone else, their reactions do make me curious and are a good reveal:

  • why would a candidate set two deadlines to answer but then not answer?
  • why are some candidates answering questions from an unidentified source?
  • how are candidates prioritizing their time and responses?
  • if they don’t answer, is it a good indication of how they’ll respond if elected?
  • are they well informed of their and the town’s obligations re subject of question?
  • if candidates’ publicly share a position or opinion, why not be transparent?

In the last instance, I was curious enough to reach out to candidate Linden Crain. According to the THRIVE website, he was part of the team that created the Open Air White Paper:Renée D’Amore (director) Sara Palmer (director) Kory Renaud (director) Richard Peddie (director) Kurt Reffle, Linden Crain.

I assumed he was in favour of open air and asked why not be transparent? Crain apologized for the delay; he didn’t see a due date and was planning to reply later this week.

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