Candidate Marc Renaud – Open Air

As in the post, Candidate Linden Crain – Open Air, Candidate Marc Renaud’s position regarding Open Air has been public so I reached out to him too by email today:

In the Wednesday, July 27, 2022 River Town Times, your profile includes, Renaud supports Open Air Weekends in Amherstburg, believing that is an attraction for people to visit and a benefit to businesses.

On August 23, I emailed you, Will you remove barriers during Open Air weekends that block people with disabilities from driving to the bank, local stores, bars, and generally driving through town?

Your RTT profile also contains, Being accessible to residents is something Renaud stated he always tries to be. “I pride myself on getting answers for residents who call or e-mail as soon as I can,” he said. “No need to wait for the next council meeting to get answers.”

Renaud added he has been proud to serve the residents and looks forward to hearing concerns and questions.

Why not be transparent and answer the question?

Renaud’s unedited response:
Theres access to parking at precision jewelry parking lot 🚶‍♀️ Canada Post lots.Are open to driving into.  Allows walking to area businesses.. There’s access to the Legion lot.àn strèet parking.
The Navy yard parking is accessible to turn around spots and regular ,àcceble spots. All walking distance to areas business. So hopefully this  èxplains what’s happening during the open air week end
Marc Renaud