Confusing Or Credible Content

Voters like to make informed choices. ‘Do we trust the politicians’ changed to ‘do we trust the source?’ Is it misinformation? disinformation? copycats?

There were two Amherstburg Taxpayers Association Facebook pages – only one was official.

The town’s name is included in a number of sources but it is official?

There are a couple of Facebook pages with names that include Amherstburg election and Amherstburg votes but their identities are not publicly available.

One who is referred to as ‘Amherstburg’s local blogger’ does not publicly display any information about its identity.

Town Hall Blog and its associated Town Hall newsletter, written by Donald McArthur, is not an official town site.

There are only two social media accounts affiliated with the Town of Amherstburg listed on the official Amherstburg website.

I hope you like homework. Study the politicians, but question the source too.

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