Candidate Diane Pouget Addresses Rumours

As the burg watch blogger, my hope is that voters check facts and contact candidates to make informed choices, especially because there are so many running and rumours are rampant. I had a conversation with Councillor Candidate Diane Pouget about the topic and offered her the opportunity to address them here.

Councillor Candidate Diane Pouget

People have been approaching me directly and asking if I’m well. It seems they’ve been told I am not running due to illness, which is not true.  I believe this is a deliberate attempt to influence voters for voting for me.

I am always available to the public.  I attended each and every Council meeting in the past four years, either in person or virtually.  I answer all phone calls and emails, as long as they properly identify themselves.  I did not respond to a blogger, who refused to identify herself and I understand her husband is running for Deputy Mayor.  I asked her (Sarah Sally) 10 questions and asked her to share them with her audience.  She didn’t answer, but chose to chastise us for not responding to her questions.  It should be noted, that 10 candidates refused to respond to her blog as an unidentified person.

I mailed out 9,100 flyers.  It was disturbing to learn, that some people have not received my pamphlets. However, despite these setbacks, I will continue to answer questions and concerns from the taxpayers of our Town.  It is quite obvious with 25 candidates running for 7 positions and the large voter turnout so far, our residents are very unhappy with the lack of performance and lack of trust of this Council.

I believe people know that I am an honest hardworking candidate and I have a proven record of representing our community in a fair and trustworthy manner.  If I am elected, I will carefully scrutinize the Town’s finances and if we find any discrepancies, I will vote to have a Forensic Audit to discover if there was any criminal activity or wrongdoing  and hold those accountable, if there were any violations of our financials.

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