We Already Pay For Policing

Heidi Baillargeon recommends ‘That Council APPROVE an over expenditure in the amount of $20,000 from the General Reserve Fund in order to cover the cost of this service’ in her report on today’s council meeting agenda: Subject: Safety at Admiral Hockey Games.

The town’s obligations regarding the provision of adequate and effective police services in accordance with its needs is set out in provincial legislation and the 20-year contract between the town of Amherstburg and Windsor.

(3) Every chief of police shall establish procedures and processes on community patrol which address when and where directed patrol is considered necessary or appropriate, based on such factors as crime, call and public disorder analysis, criminal intelligence and road safety.  O. Reg. 3/99, s. 4 (3)

If safety issues are affecting the community and amenities as mentioned in Baillargeon’s report to council, “This behavior has continued to escalate since last season with damage not only at the Libro but other Town facilities as well such as King Navy Yard Park and Toddy Jones Park washrooms where cameras were recently installed this spring,” should public consultations be held to determine if the community’s policing needs are being met?

The report mentions consultations with Windsor Police generally, but how many incidents were there? were charges laid? what was the result? what is included in the memorandum of understanding to be attached to paid duties? Did Windsor Police publish a report with its recommended actions after it conducted a site assessment, based on principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design like it did for the safety concerns at the skateboard park in October 2021? 

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo was quoted in a Windsor Star article“Our goal was to try to ensure residents felt no difference … For those who were concerned about a drop in service level — That just didn’t happen. I would say that it appears we have improved service levels.” “The feedback I’ve been getting from residents is that it seems our officers are everywhere,” DiCarlo said.

One or more of the current council candidates has mentioned community safety. Maybe we do need meaningful public consultation.