Councillor Candidates: My Opinions, The Incumbents

My opinions are based on a variety of sources, my interactions, my own fact checking and my perspective as a person with disabilities and advocate.

THE INCUMBENTS: newcomers in 2018

With all the discussion about fiscal responsibility, debt control, strategic plan, KPMG Report, wasteful spending, over expenditures, lack of amenities, community safety, trust, transparency, Ombudsman Report, lack of decorum, sidewalks, road maintenance, fire hall, town hall, studies, design plans, , etc., do the incumbents deserve another chance? for 4 more years?

Peter Courtney is the only incumbent I would like to be re-elected. He has the courage of his convictions and asks tough questions that he acknowledges taxpayers relayed to him. Addressing issues is more important to me than spinning positivity for the sake of avoiding negativity and I trust he’ll do that.

Donald McArthur’s commitment to active transportation and trails, dog park, skate park and Open Air is obvious. He moved to waive the procurement policy and felt the kids were owed an apology and suggested the traffic by-law should be changed because of the distance to the Libro.

McArthur felt there’s a cry for help and he wanted to give more money to the Park House museum than was requested, an additional $6500. He mentioned their fundraiser, music off the back porch, which he has participated in so he’s aware of the museum’s accessibility barriers.

His self evaluation includes ‘hardworking and responsive.’ He angrily argued with a delegate and he hasn’t answered many of my emails. After his speech calling for no reference to Jeffrey Amherst in the new high school name, I asked him if it wasn’t hypocritical to promote ‘a step towards reconciliation’ for the new high school, when council has no jurisdiction to do so, yet dismiss the idea of a name change for the town?

McArthur vociferously promotes Open Air while I equally object to it because of its impact on businesses that are opposed, because its COVID related rationale for existence has ended and because taxpayer money should never be used to sponsor an event that may be contrary to the legislated principles and protection of equal rights.

Marc Renaud is not as vocal as some and also hasn’t answered many of my emails. After nudging and fact checking, he answered my blog reader’s question about removing Open Air barriers. He has minimized concerns about Open Air barriers and remained silent on my delegation about other barriers, including bureaucratic barriers, to the Accessibility Advisory Committee where he was Council’s representative.

Patricia Simone would be my nominee for a ‘mum’s the word award’ because for 7 months she has avoided answering my questions regarding her Notice of Motion and the town’s namesake, Amherst. Without discussion or a motion, Mayor DiCarlo pulled it from the agenda when it was to be discussed. She also hasn’t answered many of my emails or my blog’s questions. Her interest in not for profits is obvious, as is her dedication to heritage, but her promise to engage with residents, in my case, has not been kept.