Amherstburg Caremongering Comment Declined

I guess the Caremongering group didn’t care for my comment. I tried to join the conversation about the re-opening of Jack Purdie park and its lack of accessible playground equipment.

In response to Councillor Molly Allaire’s comments, i tried to post:

There should be no reason for ‘baby steps.’ There’s the ODA 2001, AODA 2005, Human Rights Code, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities. What is the explanation for NOT incorporating accessible design? Who approved the design? Who approved the tender? Anyone could file a human rights complaint against the town, like I had to resort to for the library. There is a long history of persons with disabilities being marginalized and discriminated against and it is unacceptable, given all the legislation, polices, practices, guidelines, etc. to encounter ‘it’s just a painfully slow process.’ The law is the law is the law.