No Vote For Prue As Per Agreement With Windsor

Unfortunately, but true, no vote for Prue. The Agreement between the Town of Amherstburg and the City of Windsor, signed on October 12, 2018 stipulated:

The following shall determine the role of the Town with respect to the Board:

14. l (a) The City shall appoint the Mayor or his or her designate to the Board for the remaining term of Council until November 14, 2022, starting with the commencement of this Agreement on January 1, 2019.

(b) The City may consider the appointment of the Mayor or his or her designate for subsequent terms of Council provided that the City is providing police services to the Town.

(c) If at any time during the Initial Term or any Renewal Term, the Mayor or his or her designate is not appointed to the Board, the City agrees to allow the Mayor or his or her designate to become an advisor to the Board, as contemplated by the Act with the full ability to attend all meetings of the Board.

For further clarification regarding 14.1 (c), ‘all meetings of the Board’ shall include in-camera meetings and the advisor shall also receive all reports and correspondence as a full member of the Board would receive, subject to the advisor signing a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

CBC reports, Police board ‘missed opportunity’ for diversity with new appointment, says former councillor:

Another change is that Amherstburg’s mayor will no longer have a vote at the table. When Windsor began policing the Town of Amherstburg in 2019, previous mayor Aldo DiCarlo had a seat and a vote at the board.

The new mayor, Michael Prue, said he’s not happy he’ll only be on the board in an advisory role.

The Windsor Star also reports, A’burg mayor decries loss of voting power on Windsor police board:

Amherstburg will have a voice but not a vote at the Windsor Police Services Board this term, a change the town’s new mayor says may influence whether his council renews its contract with the city force.