OPP Answers Questions

I asked the OPP a few questions following Deputy Mayor Gibb’s February 8 comments about the OPP.

question 1: have all the essex county detachments undertaken community/satisfaction surveys?

answer: OPP have just recently begun interviewing for the 2023 West Region Detachments Community Satisfaction Survey (CSS), which includes surveying respondents in the Essex Detachment area.  An Essex Detachment-specific results report will be created once data collection is completed and there has been an opportunity to analyze the data/draft the report.  I should be able to receive the West Region report by Summertime (pending how long the approval process takes once the results are analyzed and the reports are drafted). Prior to this, the last time we did a survey in Essex Detachment would have been in 2017.

question 2: would you provide me with the cost of OPP policing to these local communities?

question 3: would you provide me with an estimate of the timeline for an OPP costing to the town of amherstburg?

answer: In reference to the Billing Model and Costing, it may be best for you to view the following links:

Ontario Provincial Police – Billing Model (opp.ca)

Ontario Provincial Police – Contract Proposals and Amalgamations (opp.ca)

There is a manual for the contract proposal process with the below timeline in it, along with other information that will assist you.