Comparing Amherstburg To Other Municipalities: Police Requests For Information

The OPP answered my questions without requiring a formal request.

When I requested two documents from Windsor Police, its FOI Coordinator advised me of the $5 fee for Municipal Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act requests; she quoted section 17(1)(c).

She did respond but stated any further requests should be in accordance with the Act; to submit my request and applicable fee by mail or by attending either Police Headquarters or Windsor Police Service – Amherstburg Detachment.  

She then responded to my access request, under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for a copy of:

i)                    The Windsor Police Services Board diversity plan
ii)                   The Windsor Police Service accessibility policy

and denied access to the Windsor Police Service Board Diversity plan as the records do not exist.

Further, access is denied to Windsor Police Service Accessibility Policy as the information is contained within their Human Rights Directive, currently available on its website

I assured the Coordinator that this was a simple request for records that i assumed would be publicly available in an organization committed to transparency and accountability to the public it serves.