Richard Peddie Needs Open Air

Listen to Richard Peddie say he needs open air on am800 interview January 19, 2023; read text below at the end of the post.

Richard Peddie, a February 21 council meeting delegate, will once again voice his support for Open Air, also known as closed streets. The twist this time is that his presentation states a park in the middle of our town.

One of his pictures clearly illustrates the barriers on the sidewalk and in the streets where it would be difficult for people using mobility devices or who rely on visual cues for navigation.

I have raised awareness about barriers that exclude people with disabilities many times over decades and, during this past election campaign, wrote about encountering ableism.

This new council has to decide between closing a publicly funded highway requested by for profit businesses or adhering to public policy to provide for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination that is contrary to law?

Human Rights Code PREAMBLE

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world and is in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as proclaimed by the United Nations;

And Whereas it is public policy in Ontario to recognize the dignity and worth of every person and to provide for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination that is contrary to law, and having as its aim the creation of a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each person so that each person feels a part of the community and able to contribute fully to the development and well-being of the community and the Province;

And Whereas these principles have been confirmed in Ontario by a number of enactments of the Legislature and it is desirable to revise and extend the protection of human rights in Ontario;

Text of Richard Peddie interview:

but we do need the help of town. I mean, it’s gonna be interesting. We have a new council, how will they rule on Open Air, open air is absolutely critical of these all new shops absolutely critical. And you know what it’s going to really it’ll be one of the factors on whether we open a hotel. I need open air because the hotel hotels are tough. I mean, it’s no coincidence there are none in Amherstburg, because there’s it’s tough to build them and, you know, when we make our decision on the hotel and we hope to soon, how Council reacts to how they’re supporting local business will be a big factor.

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