Community Grant Applications Not On Agenda

The 2023 Operating Budget Request lists names and dollar amounts, but not grant applications that were previously available for inspection.

Grants to Community Organizations
There were seven (7) community grant requests in 2023, totaling $62,703.

1. Amherstburg Community Services $10,000.
2. Amherstburg Food and Fellowship $20,000.
3. Amherstburg Freedom Museum $8500.
4. Amherstburg Historic Sites Association (ParkHouseMuseum) $15,000.
5. Affordable Housing Agreement–182PickeringInc. $8453.
6. Christ Church Anglican Amherstburg $750.
7. FortMaldenGoldenAgeCentre $0.

Total Requested:
Proposed Base Budget: $40,074 Increase Requested: $22,629

At theAugust 08, 2022 council meeting, one of the recommendations was

  1. That 2022 over-expenditures and reserve transfers BE APPROVED as follows: $15,000 for the precommitment of the 2022 Park House Grant.

Compare 2021 Grants to Community Groups and Organizations:

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