Rules Were Meant To Be Unfair?

Was anyone minding the clock? I didn’t hear any reminders about the time limit as I have in the past for some delegates. I also didn’t hear the Mayor use the gavel.

The Amherstburg Soccer Club’s delegation at council’s March 14, 2022 meeting was 18 minutes, followed by a 48 minute question and answer session with members of council and staff for a total of 66 minutes.

First the delegation was late, but Mayor DiCarlo stated they could move on to the next item and then come back to them.

According to the town’s website, delegates are governed by Amherstburg Council’s Procedural By-law 2014-91, specifically:

  • Section 5.5 – Council will allow a maximum of five minutes per delegation per regular Council meeting. No more than four delegations will be heard per item of discussion by Council. The five minute timeline will be strictly enforced. The Clerk shall set a timer at the commencement of the delegation’s presentation. The Mayor/Chair at the conclusion of the five minutes shall inform the delegation that the time limit has been exceeded and thank the delegation for the presentation. Only upon a verbal motion to extend the five minute limit adopted by a majority of members shall the five minute limit be extended.