Severance Arrangements For Amherstburg Police

Media reports indicated no severances were to be negotiated since no officers would lose employment.

CAO Miceli even noted in his Report to Council, “In the Proposal severance is not payable as all staff will be assumed by the WPS.”

The severance issue is well established in practice – compensation is provided for job loss so should not be applicable here.

Do our elected officials feel Amherstburg Police officers deserve compensation for maintaining employment?

Councillor Rick Fryer’s media comment should serve as a reminder, “We do have fiduciary responsibilities as a council.”

Severance For Amherstburg Police Officers Examined

The following is publicly available information from CAO Miceli and the JPAC to council.

According to the proposal, severance is not payable as all staff will be assumed by the Windsor Police Service (WPS).

Both the town and the Amherstburg Police Association obtained legal opinion; details of legal counsels’ positions is in a private and confidential memo.

The estimated range for severance outcome is $0-$2,400,000. based on the possibility of approximately 13 senior staff possibly not willing to transfer to WPS.

The worst case severance scenario would result in a reduced cost savings of $12,106,820 over a 20 year period or an average annual savings of $605,341. This average annual savings continues to represent a significant annual savings for the Town and while maintaining future cost predictability.

A best case scenario would be $14,557,845 whereby no severances would be paid out. As noted the issue of severance may be a legal contentious one and the ‘worst case scenario’ is provided to Council in the interest of full disclosure and transparency, and should not be construed as an outcome that is preordained.