UCCU complex accessibility question

on october 11, 2011, i emailed brenda percy, town clerk and requested documentation to support the claim that the UCCU is a fully accessible facility; she initially did not address my request, but then advised, “With regard to documentation to support the claim – I do not have that type of information but will inquire.”

on october 31, 2011, i emailed to inquire about the status of her inquiries; she replied, “Your question has been relayed to the appropriate manager and it is my understanding correspondence is being drafted.”

on november 7, 2011, brenda percy emailed me a copy of letter dated november 7, 2011 from Cindy Burkhour, MA, CTRS, CPRP, Access to Recreation, Jenison, Michigan, the consultant used in UCCU Centre regarding accessibility of the complex.

on november 8, 2011, i requested brenda percy to make further inquiries for documentation, including reports, correspondence, accessibility audits, council minutes, committee minutes, departmental minutes and reports, etc.,  that correspond with any earlier claims that the UCCU complex is accessible.

about two hours later, brenda percy replied, “the correspondence provided should satisfy your request. For any additional information, please feel free to search the public archives available on the Town website at www.amherstburg.ca

i subsequently requested that my request and emails be placed on council’s agenda for the next meeting and the response was, “will do.”