Aldo DiCarlo Elected Mayor

Congratulations to our new Mayor, Aldo DiCarlo, elected according to CTV news.


DiCarlo, Aldo 3,396 52.9 Elected
Sutherland, Ron 1,673 26.1
Sutton, John 907 14.1
Adler, Marty 445 6.9
VOTES: 6,421 / 16,276 = 39.5%     POLLS: 84.6%

1 thought on “Aldo DiCarlo Elected Mayor

  1. Amherstburg will get what it deserves with this one. We’re 50 million in debt so let’s elect a guy with no experience on any level AND has a full-time job to try to steer us out of it. You had hoped that after the Wayne Hurst debacle we would’ve learned our lesson and gotten smart. Obviously not!

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