Request For Routine Disclosure Policy Now Two Years Old

One might conclude there is a lack of willingness to be more open and transparent, given the lack of agenda reports, the lack of in camera resolutions, the incomplete information recorded in the minutes, the lack of reporting out from in camera information.

My request to council that a protocol for requests for information be created for taxpayers is now two years old.

Former CAO Miceli advised, in February 2020, that the Town of Amherstburg was in the process of creating a Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination Policy and that I might wish to review the policy when it appears on the agenda for Council’s consideration and approval in the near future.

I repeated my request in April 2021 and council, instead of creating a policy, received the item under consent correspondence.

How long does it take to create a Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination Policy that the Information and Privacy Commissioner revised in SEPTEMBER 1998?

What will it take for council to commit to being more open and transparent?

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