Amherstburg Council Meeting a Rude Awakening

You might recall the post Decorum, Please! where I shared my observations about council and the town’s Accessibility Advisory Committee meetings.

The Legion was added as a fourth delegate in the Supplementary Agenda for tonight’s meeting but was invited to be first up.

Second, AMA Sportsmens’ Association rep, who could benefit from disability etiquette: twice he used the outdated and offensive “handicap.”

Third, Nancy Atkinson, Amherstburg Taxpayers Association about the audit.

Fourth, former Councillor Diane Pouget about the town’s credit rating.

Councillor McArthur debated with Pouget and Mayor DiCarlo ended up pounding the gavel and reminding Pouget of the time limit.

Of all the elected officials’ behaviour we sit through, it’s ridiculous that delegates’ democratic input is restricted to 5 minutes; especially considering the soccer club’s delegation was 18 minutes, followed by a 48 minute Q and A for a total of 66 minutes.

Vote October 24, 2022