Amherstburg Council Meeting a Rude Awakening

You might recall the post Decorum, Please! where I shared my observations about council and the town’s Accessibility Advisory Committee meetings.

The Legion was added as a fourth delegate in the Supplementary Agenda for tonight’s meeting but was invited to be first up.

Second, AMA Sportsmens’ Association rep, who could benefit from disability etiquette: twice he used the outdated and offensive “handicap.”

Third, Nancy Atkinson, Amherstburg Taxpayers Association about the audit.

Fourth, former Councillor Diane Pouget about the town’s credit rating.

Councillor McArthur debated with Pouget and Mayor DiCarlo ended up pounding the gavel and reminding Pouget of the time limit.

Of all the elected officials’ behaviour we sit through, it’s ridiculous that delegates’ democratic input is restricted to 5 minutes; especially considering the soccer club’s delegation was 18 minutes, followed by a 48 minute Q and A for a total of 66 minutes.

Vote October 24, 2022

Councillor Donald McArthur’s Response to Police Officers’ Breach of Information Question

In yesterday’s post I asked members of council if any violation of the employee code of conduct, section 15, was addressed?

Just to recap, section 15.0 Confidential Information:

The following information must not be used or disclosed, except in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“MFIPPA”):

    • information which is personal

Today, McArthur’s response regarding the breach of personal and sensitive information of 40 police officers, employees and family members is:

“It is my understanding that the disclosure of personal information was inadvertent and that it is the opinion of the Clerk, the Treasurer and the Director of Corporate Services, who conducted an investigation, that the inadvertent disclosure was not a Code of Conduct violation.

It is my understanding as well that the Town advised the Information and Privacy Commissioner of this issue and notified the affected individuals. It is also my understanding that the Town took steps to help guard against similar inadvertent disclosures in the future.”

Nowhere in the Employee Code of Conduct does it state not to worry, it was an inadvertent disclosure. Carry on.