A Look Back – Candidate Patricia Simone

We had ‘A Look Back’ at Aldo DiCarlo, who is not seeking re-election; now let’s take a look back at candidate Patricia Simone and her SimoneforAburg site.

My Pledge to Amherstburg included:

  • Elected official must direct town employees and administration toward the objectives of the residents. As your elected official, I promise that the taxpayers’ agenda will govern my decisions and I will stand up for the community at town hall.
  • Discussion with elected representatives is important. As your elected official, I promise to be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Transparency:
    • I believe in open government that communicates with its residents.
    • Information should be readily available.
    • Notice of meetings and proceedings at town hall should be better advertised.
    • We need live streaming of council meetings for those who cannot attend at town hall.
    • I will conduct a complete review of our communication processes to ensure our residents are getting the information they need.

Simone’s other page, My Platform includes:


Resident consultation committees have been eliminated. This is the wrong way to go. We need more consultation with residents, not less. I will support the creation of consultation committees that invite input from residents, while maintaining that the final decision-making authority remain in the hands of the elected Council.

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