Candidates Address Rumours

There are so many active discussions online about the candidates, in addition to the coffee shops, compared to 2014 when I first facilitated questions from residents to candidates.

Lately, I’ve spent more time online than I care to in an attempt to be better informed and the same rumours keep popping up.

I reached out to two candidates; I specifically asked Mayoral Candidate John Laframboise if he would provide his phone number for people to call regarding questions and/or rumours. I specifically asked Deputy Mayoral Candidate Chris Gibb if he would address rumours appearing online.

I won’t duplicate the rumours here but I provided screen shots and or mentioned the online location of them and both candidates were happy to grant me permission to post their responses.

Mayoral Candidate John Laframboise

I served as ”the Volunteer President of the Assumption Heritage Trust Foundation“ appointed by the Foundation Board. I resigned June 2012 along with ALL FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBERS …after Bishop Fabbro CANCELLED more than 2 MILLION DOLLARS in Pledges to the Campaign.

We were actively soliciting 12 Million Dollars of ASKS at the time.

The Windsor Community Foundation pledged $135,000, The City of Windsor Heritage Fund pledged $250,000, Assumption Parish pledged $567,000, The Baker Foundation $ 100,000, Riverview Steel $100,000, to name a few.

Jeff Baker was the Lawyer for the Foundation and Jerome Brannigan, Deputy Police Chief City of Windsor was the Treasurer …very easy to VERIFY what I am saying is true!

Unfortunately the Windsor Star buried the truth in the Paper months later.

I would be pleased to SHOW the Final Report and audit by Price Waterhouse to anyone.

John Laframboise 519 259-3636

Deputy Mayoral Candidate Chris Gibb

I was asked by the Town to sit on a committee, with many others, to review the resumes of the people who applied to be Amherstburg’s CAO back at that time. The committee reviewed the applicants and then presented John Miceli as the most qualified applicant at the time. He was eventually hired by Town Council. I have attached a copy of the Council meeting minutes showing which councillors voted for and against his hiring.

As far as the rumours regarding the police bill, for those saying that I owe the town money, that is a lie. I do not, nor have I ever owed the town any money. I was part of a group of volunteers that were asked by the Town to run a festival. We were then presented with, what we felt, was an unjustified bill from the Amherstburg Police. We disputed the bill with the police board and with the town. It is actually quite an interesting story for anyone who has had dealings with the former Amherstburg Police Services Board.

If you ever want to get together to discuss these issues further I would be glad to sit down with you.

Chris Gibb

Miceli hiring_1

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