Adminstrative Duties or Administrative Burdens?

Another item of concern on tonight’s agenda: Changes to Committee Structure. In an Auugust 2022 post, Concurrent Committee Members, I stated, Amherstburg’s Boards and Committees Appointment Policy, enacted September 26, 2011, could use an update but also adherence to the policy.

Will the proposed changes be counter productive to “The purpose of the Town of Amherstburg Boards and Committees Appointment Policy is to ensure a fair and equitable appointment process to Town Boards and Committees?”

What is motivating changes now?

In a November 14 Report to Council:

In order that the Administrative burdens associated with such a large committee structure are reduced, Administration will seek to recruit and train the same member to serve on the following committees:

    • Dangerous Dog Appeal Committee
    • Fence Viewers
    • Livestock Evaluators
    • Property Standards

This change would allow Administration to reduce the costs and resources required to provide these committees and the associated training in light of their being called to meet only as required, to address specific matters. Given the Town’s Board and Committee Appointment Policy requires that applicants be appointed to a maximum of two boards, Administration would request Council direction to amend the Boards and Committee Appointment Policy to reflect this change, and allow for applicants to be appointed to more than two Boards in these limited circumstances.

I believe administration are well compensated for performing their duties and whether it’s committees or freedom of information requests, how could they be viewed as burdens?