Exemption to Business Licence Ass Backward?

Mr. Richard Peddie has a new plan, along with Mr. Dan Gemus, who met with Administration, set a date for an inaugural Night Market, and now a business licence exemption is recommended, this one time, that would not be granted otherwise because why? The rationale seems to be that a review of the licensing by-law will be completed in the spring of 2023, according to the November 28 Report to Council:

“The Core” is a membership idea born by Mr. Richard Peddie and Mr. Dan Gemus to encourage participation of businesses within the downtown core of Amherstburg in activities which will attract residents and visitors to the downtown area and to enjoy “local” products. The inaugural event is the Amherstburg Night Market to be held on Saturday December 10, 2022 from 12PM – 8PM in the parking lot behind 61 Richmond Street. This Night Market event requires the entity putting on the “Trade Show” to procure a business licence under By-law 2009-044.

Why not apply for a business licence in advance? Or a Zoning By-law amendment in advance? Or better yet, seek approval for the event first and then make plans.

We all know what happens when precedents are set.