Ombudsman Review Of Closed Meeting

Voting during a closed session, including informal votes such as “straw polls” or “show of hands”, is not permitted. Council therefore contravened the Municipal Act by voting during the February 10, 2011 closed session. Read the letter to Ms. Brenda Percy, Clerk, who was requested to make copies of it available to the public.

Councillors Refuse To Rate Themselves

sticky post: we’ll be inundated with how they think they performed and/or will perform if re-elected; however at the end of each year of this term (2010-2014), everyone was asked, “if you would provide a comment regarding how you think you have performed.”

year 1:  no one responded.
year 2:  no one responded. Edit: Read Davies’ response
year 3:  no one responded.

Contact Council

MAYOR Wayne Hurst

DEPUTY MAYOR Ron Sutherland

Robert (Bob) Pillon

John Sutton

Diane Pouget

Bart DiPasquale

Carolyn Davies

Hurst in Macleans’ Lousy Mayors Article

Amherstburg’s Mayor Wayne Hurst was mentioned in a MACLEANS Magazine article, “Canada’s Lousy Mayors” 

“His re-election platform includes a pledge for a downtown public marina, but he refuses to divulge how it will be financed. “I don’t need to tell you how I’m going to pay for it,” says Hurst, who’s seeking a fourth term. “It’s my vision. I have a vision and I see it taking place in downtown Amherstburg.” A nice vision it may be, but it’s an odd one, considering Amherstburg couldn’t afford the marina it owned: months ago, it closed on the sale of the municipally owned Ranta Marina for $584,000, following years of controversy.”