Tell The Accessibility Advisory Committee To Select Hotel Site Plans For Review

I’ve suggested that committee members’ contact information be made available to receive input from the public regarding accessibility concerns. Committees may not always be representative of persons with a range of disabilities.

Councillor McArthur is this term’s rep so I’ve emailed him the following and request you send him one at and copy me at

as council’s new rep to the accessibility advisory committee, you may not be fully aware of the committee’s mandate. as i’ve mentioned before, i was not given the accessibility training materials that members of council received on november 29 but i’ve submitted an FOI request for them.

given the controversy of the proposed hotel, and accessibility/safety concerns affecting persons with disabilities involving the back stairs, i would urge the committee to select the site plans and drawings for the project.

also, as i’ve repeatedly raised the issue about the lack of reports included on the committee’s agenda, you should know that there are several empty links in tomorrow’s meeting agenda. I’ve also mentioned before that verbal reports, instead of attached reports, may pose a barrier. wouldn’t it be ironic if the committee that is supposed to remove barriers creates them?

Agenda Accessibility Advisory Committee April 27

The agenda for the first meeting of this year/term is now posted on the town’s website and contains empty links which to me indicates a lack of transparency and accountability.

I have suggested training in procedure and have raised the issue of empty agenda links with no attachments. I advised then-CAO Simmons of a recurring problem that i previously mentioned. The agenda contains links to no attachments; for those who are interested in observing the meetings, having to rely on audio without being able to read any documents is a barrier to participation and accountability.

Simmons responded, thank you for bringing them to our attention and we will endeavour to make improvements including not leaving links devoid of information.

And it continues with this agenda: I counted 14 empty links.

Nomination of Chair and Nomination of Vice Chair contain two empty links.

The presentation, Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committees (AAAC) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is an empty link to 6.1  Amherstburg Accessibility Advisory Committees (AAAC) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

This item has no attachments.


This item has no attachments.

7.1 Accessibility Advisory Committee Work Plan is an empty link to 7.1  Accessibility Advisory Committee Work Plan.

This item has no attachments.

7.2 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan is an empty link but the pop up link does work: 2022 07 04 – 2021 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.pdf

7.3 Committee 2023 Meeting Schedule is an empty link; the pop up window contains a link that works but colours should be reviewed. 2023 Calendar of Committee Meetings.pdf

7.4 Accessibility Audits of Town Property and Parkland is an empty link to 7.4  Accessibility Audits of Town Property and Parkland.

This item has no attachments.

8. NEW BUSINESS is an empty link to 8.  NEW BUSINESS.

This item has no attachments.

9. ADJOURNMENT is an empty link to Adjournment.

This item has no attachments.

Awaiting Answers From Deputy Mayor Gibb

On April 15 I emailed Deputy Mayor Gibb regarding the April 11 meeting discussion about the proposed hotel at 256 Dalhousie.

I requested a comment because he asked if the delegate could expand on that and tell us what you would lose as far as accessibility goes?

I also asked if he had been advised by the integrity commissioner that he should declare a conflict of interest regarding this proposed ZBA application?

I further stated, it appears you have an interest in accessibility for the proposed hotel, as you did for your in-laws and open air. do you have any answers for me in response to my accessibility questions to members of council?

On April 24 I reminded Deputy Mayor Gibb that it’s been over a week and he’s not answered my April 15 questions. I also asked if he was concerned about the stairs at the back of the proposed hotel.

Decorum At Council Meetings Still Lacking

It was only a week ago that I posted about the need for more decorum at meetings – ‘less speeches, personal anecdotes and repetitive comments and my pet peeve – staff appreciation.’

Exactly six months into the term and things seem to be steadily deteriorating. During the Deputy Mayoral candidate night, Chris Gibb said, leaders don’t stand there and point out what everyone else did wrong. Maybe he should share that wisdom with Councillors Crain and McArthur. He also said the petty bickering, the constant battles need to stop and we need to all start rowing in the same direction.

Well, then why not call a point of order when it happens during a meeting?

Things to add to my wish list of good behaviour after having viewed the April 24 meeting:

  • curtail irrelevant information; an approximate 41 minute presentation by Fire Chief Montone when the report was attached to the agenda? was a history back to the 40s necessary?
  • have Mayor Prue use the gavel to maintain order instead of to speak; there’s a big difference between debating a motion and objecting in an offensive or harshly critical manner and it should stop.
  • dispense with informalities; abide by rules of order.
  • set a time limit for speeches; learn best practice.
  • set a time limit for questions to staff; again, best practice.
  • stop staff on either side of the mayor from whispering in his ears; is he seeking their input?
  • stop acknowledging staff as speakers wanting to provide input just to make a point.
  • stop asking staff if they can meet deadlines for reports; if council deems it necessary to make informed decisions by a certain date, staff should comply.
  • reduce the amount of staff to speak to an issue; CAO, Deputy CAO, Dr. Planner, and a few unknown speakers because, unfortunately, they don’t identify themselves.
  • stop using acronyms; these aren’t staff meetings.
  • start consistently and fairly enforcing and/or waiving rules to hear from the public.
  • consider whether it’s a discriminatory practice to not implement a policy that recognizes the viewing public from home might want to speak but are not afforded the same opportunity as members attending in person.
  • Realize there have been complaints about one-sided staff reports and communications not being included in the agenda.

And, just to satisfy people who want to view things from a purely positive perspective, the election is only three and half years away.

When Will Town Hall Accessibility Be A Priority?

Council will consider South Fire Station – Consolidated Build verses Renovation Options with Fire Chief Montone’s report and recommendations, including one upside down Attachment 4.

Attachment 5 points out the obvious about the town hall:

‘The building is non AODA compliant for, it is not possible to to convert this building to make accessible due to the general construction of the building. This building was designed as a multilevel building with provision for accessibility in mind and the cost to convert the town hall to AODA compliant is $291,117.78.’

Could that cost have been covered if it had been a priority?

Dog Park = $165,000.

Libro Trail Over expenditure = $170,000

Total spent on two projects = $335,000.

Watch tonight’s council meeting live.

Agenda Preview April 24 Council Meeting

I don’t usually post meeting previews because the full agendas are available on the town’s site and anyone can subscribe to receive them via email by filling in the online form. But there are a few hot topics worth mentioning.

There are still links from minutes to ‘This item has no attachments.’

Minutes to be approved: one Regular Meeting on December 12, 2022 and eight in-camera meetings:
December 12
January 23
February 8
February 13
February 22 – could not find calendar listing
March 27
April 11 – no calendar listing; moved during the meeting
April 17 and:
March 8 Co-An Park
April 12 Co-An Park

There are a few reports and recommendations on:

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Emails To Council Read By Administration – Still No Answer

It’s now been two weeks since I asked for comments so I sent a new email to Mayor Prue, who is the town’s official spokesperson.

For the burg watch, regarding emails to council read by Administration. about the history of this: For how long has this practice been occurring? When and why was it initiated and by whom?

Also, has Windsor Police Service provided the answers to questions to WPS Chief Bellaire from members of council when it approved the contract renewal?